Restoring the dignity of local tuckshop owners

The development of entrepreneurial sustainable ventures has been identified as a one of the solution to the concerning youth unemployment currently facing South Africa and MySpaza programme is one such inpenovative solution.

The MySpaza Programme responds to these shortcomings by giving young social entrepreneurs with retail industry experience and business acumen an opportunity to run their own spaza shop in their township under the mentorship and curatorship of a management and operational of the MySpaza  team.

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Aims and Objectives

The Revitalisation of the Township Economy

The reality is that many South African’s (whether qualified or not) will not find employment due to the countries unemployment crises. MySpaza is an innovative entrepreneurial solution aimed at creating employment and social cohesion thus improving the circulation of money within townships and rural areas.

To Streamline Customer Service in Informal Trading

Through the upskilling and uniformity of Spaza management, operation and practices as well as ensuring consistency in branding and service excellence we are committed to lessening the challenges faced by both the business owner and the customers.

Bulk Buying Solution and Mini Distribution Centres

MySpaza endeavours to ensure that locally manufactured goods will be afforded an opportunity to compete with other major national brands produced in the small business market. Therefore the programme is negotiating good deals with local suppliers, in which some of them are from the same locations where the outlets/ Spaza shops are operating.


 Its a South African initiative which supports the country’s citizens by contributing to the growth of the regional and local economy. MySpaza achieves this through offering a franchise opportunity to social entrepreneurs who aspire to own a spaza shop in their township. This not only encourages people to buy proudly South African products and utilise local services thus creating a thriving and sustainable entrepreneurship culture which is crucial for job creation.


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